2008 Rollomatic Shape Smart NP 4

2008 Rollomatic Shape Smart NP 4

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Suitable for peeling and plunge grinding of workpieces on round blanks such as cutting tools or punches. Equipment: Full fairing Loading and unloading robots V-prisms for Ø 3-20 mm Automatic fire extinguishing system 2 loader pallets Ø 6-8-10-12 mm 2 grinding wheel holders External PC for software operation


ModellShape Smart NP 4
Workpiece diameter for manual loading and unloading1 -20 mm
overall length30-350 mm
Workpiece diameter with loading and unloading robot1 - 16 mm
overall length30 - 300 mm
Grinding length max.330 mm
Z-axis travel100 mm
X-axis travel30 mm
Y-axis travel350 mm
V-axis travel22 mm
Grinding wheel diameterMax. 250 mm
Roughing motor8.5 kW
Finishing motor1.4 kW
directly driven grinding spindleØ 100 mm with integrated cooling