2007 Kirschner LK 700

2007 Kirschner LK 700

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Suitable for fully automatic brazing of carbide and PCD teeth on the body of circular saws.



Sawblade diameter with loading device 80 - 700 mm, saw blade diameter manual loading up to 820 mm, rake angle -10° to +30°, carbide tooth length 4 - 13 mm, carbide tooth width 1.3 - 9 mm, power HF generator 5.6 KW, Soldering performance up to 16 teeth / min., Connected load 400 V / 50 Hz, dimensions w x d x h = 2050 x 2247 x 2070 mm, weight approx. 1350 kg, colour light grey RAL 7035.



Fully automatic handling system.

High-frequency generator with digital transistor technology, water-cooled

Temperature control unit, measuring range 400 - 900°C

Post-annealing program with direct temperature query

Programmable PLC Siemens with colour screen TFT 10.4” with touchscreen (saw types selected via memory)

Automatic central brazing (carbide tooth to main blade)

Steel blade device for hub saws (3-5 mm)

Steel blade device for segment saws (8 + 4 mm)

Pre-brazing device for carbide teeth (with scraper and collecting container)

Preparation for Ethernet connection


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